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How To Straighten Your Penis

Penis Curvature Information

Curved men, are you not alone! The majority of guys have a penis curve. While the severity of the curve varies, some estimates are 70% of men experience penis curvature when erect. Some penises look bent. Some look crooked. Some have mild curves and some have severe curves. If your curve is causing any physical discomfort, you should always consult a doctor first prior to any self treatment.

Why Does the Penis Curve in the First Place?

Penis curves are often just naturally occurring. That is how the penis developed, and nothing you did in the past was the cause for it. Another possibility is that the penis underwent an injury or trauma. More penis curve cause theories include:

  • Vitamin E deficiency
  • Frequent or unorthodox masturbation/sex
  • Wearing underwear that was too tight (unlikely but possible over years)

Whatever the cause, the penis actually curves because the corpus cavernosa - a system of two spongy tissue chambers on either side of the penis - doesn't expand equally on both sides when engorged with blood. So if your left chamber fills with more blood, your penis might curve to the right. Picture the shorter chamber pulling the penis to its side.

Peyronie's Disease

Chances are you've heard of Peyronie's Disease which affects approximately 1% of males. Peyronie's is a disorder that can cause a lump within the shaft of the penis, pain in the shaft of the penis, or abnormal curvature of the penis. If you believe you have Peyronie's and have not consulted a doctor, please do this before anything else! Remember, there is no cure for Peyronie's Disease, only treatments.

Is a Penis Curve Good or Bad?

You might be surprised to learn that some men desire a curved penis and actually work to add a curve! They believe it offers better pleasure for the partner. Of course many men want a straighter penis and are looking to eliminate the curve altogether. They think a straighter penis not only looks better, but it looks bigger (the curve cuts into length).

I happened to be one of those guys and these are the curves that are good candidates for straightening. Now that we understand about a bit more about the nature of curves, let's look at how penis straightening works and what you can do to start today!

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